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Our team believes everyone has different travel preferences and budgets, so we developed and improvised many different styles of traveling. Trips styles that share philosophy and common sense of traveling

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Borneo Active Adventure

Collections of trekking trips, mount climbing, caving, rafting and diving. This is the Perfect choice of getting knows about Borneo’s landscapes. No doubt that island of Borneo is...

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Borneo Discovery Adventures

The door to hidden treasures of Borneo is the simplest way to describe these trips. An authentic interactive exploration, this trips style will take you to local villages through Homestay

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Borneo Family Adventure

Giving the best education for your kids is the most precious gift of love to them; family adventure is giving a chance to your kids to discover Borneo as you

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Borneo Education Adventure

Experiencing by swapping the text books with camera and leaving the classroom and books to gain an appreciation of nature through adventure is the objective of this trip...

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Borneo Limited Adventure

Borneo is so unique and time demanding to discover all, specially the culture. Supplied with high ethnicity that more than 100 ethics altogether, Borneo is offering you...

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Customize Travel

Even though we already tried our best and simplest way to discover Borneo by offering your different trips styles but we do believe that, everyone has different travel preferences...

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For associations, clubs or any groups who would like to hold motivational seminars, leadership or team building camps, we will be proud to offer our homestay destinations as the venue. We will be delighted to assist in the module planning stage where activities will be packaged according to their needs and objectives.

We will also assist any group that would like to organize any type of community project or charity work for the good of orang kampung (village folks) and also the group itself.

We will offer you an experienced guide at every destination for each group so that you can have a meaningful educational trip. We assure you full satisfaction and a beneficial trip for you and your group.

We provide insurance to all travelers, to ensure that your safety comes first.